Emma, a vibrant 14-year-old with a passion for music, makeup, and dreams of future relationships and parenthood. Having completed 12 years of dedicated speech therapy, Emma’s love for music, inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, became a driving force in her life. With newfound confidence in her voice, she set her sights on becoming a singer-songwriter, sharing her aspirations with her supportive mother and Emily. 

Emma’s musical journey took a significant turn when she began lessons with Imtiaz (‘IM’) Chowdhury, her music therapist at Torongo TherapyPlus. IM was pleasantly surprised to discover that Emma wasn’t just interested in learning chords on a guitar or playing instruments; she had clear goals. 

“Hello, I’m Emma. Can we do some vocal warm-ups? I want to be a singer-songwriter,” she confidently expressed to her therapist. Emma’s voice and determination left the therapist floored. 

In a mere 16 weeks, with the guidance of her support system and IM, Emma crafted her debut song, “Tough Guy,” recorded in the comfort of her home. Her inaugural live performance took place at a Torongo TherapyPlus event, where she received overwhelming support despite a few technical glitches. “I felt so happy that everyone was cheering me on, and I do like to be the center of attention,” Emma joyfully exclaimed. 

Despite her age, Emma partnered with a licensing company to share her music on prominent platforms such as Apple Play, Spotify, and TikTok. Currently working on her next song, the “Teary Eye Lullaby,” Emma delves into deeper emotions. 

Dreaming of a future filled with music, love, family, and exciting collaborations, including with her idol Billie Eilish, Emma’s mother and her enthusiastic support worker have been constant pillars of support, attending lessons and offering encouragement. 

Now, with plans to acquire a purple electric guitar, Emma’s journey continues, embodying the spirit of Torongo TherapyPlus—a place where goals are surpassed, and the ordinary is never enough. 

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