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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a clinical discipline that uses the therapeutic and emotional qualities of music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.

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Art Therapy

Creative arts therapy is a form of therapy that uses various art forms to help individuals explore and express their emotions, improve their mental health, and overall quality of life.

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Dance Movement Therapy

Dance movement therapy uses movement and dance to support intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of individuals.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy  helps individuals  regain or develop the necessary skills to engage in meaningful daily activities and improve their overall quality of life.


Welcome Prarthna Agarwal, Art Therapist

Torongo TherapyPlus is delighted to welcome Prarthna Agarwal, Art Therapist to the team! Prarthna is an art psychotherapist, passionate about nurturing one’s well-being and inner strengths through the healing potential of the creative expressive arts. Prarthna...

Welcome Ji Heo, RMT!

Torongo TherapyPlus is proud to welcome Ji Heo, RMT to the team. Ji is a passionate and dedicated music therapist with a profound commitment to improving lives through the transformative power of music. With a Master’s degree in Music Therapy and extensive experience...

Welcome Deepa Makani, OT!

It is pleasure to have onboard Occupational Therapist Deepa Makani. Deepa is a seasoned occupational therapist, boasting a wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to her practice. Rooted in the public health system, her expertise has been finely tuned over...

Harmony Unleashed: Harry’s Odyssey

Harry is a bright and spirited 7-year-old with autism, has become a source of inspiration at Torongo TherapyPlus, where his remarkable journey is a testament to determination and the transformative impact of specialized therapy. His story unfolds under the dedicated...

Emma’s Melodic Triumph: A Journey of Determination and Song

Emma, a vibrant 14-year-old with a passion for music, makeup, and dreams of future relationships and parenthood. Having completed 12 years of dedicated speech therapy, Emma's love for music, inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, became a driving force in her life....

Welcome Philna Badenhorst, RMT!

We are pleased to welcome to the team - Philna Badenhorst, RMT. Philna is a highly skilled and dedicated music therapist with an impressive 20 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working in various countries, including...


Individualised Therapy Approach


Developing a strong client-therapist relationship as foundation for the overarching therapeutic experience


Ensuring sessions are engaging, and use person-centered, strength-based activities and interactions


Tailoring the therapy experience to reflect the client’s need(s), mood(s) and environment


Formulating well-defined therapeutic goals and systematic steps to measure progress

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For those who prefer to have sessions at Therapist’s premises*


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State of the art

Telehealth Experience

Take advantage of our revolutionary online platform taking therapeutic support into the 21st century by facilitating truly interactive video sessions that feel as real and meaningful as in-person meetings.

Using innovative technology for enhanced engagement, along with convenient features, we enable you to receive customised care, support and more from the comfort of your own home.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for all types of therapies offered by us. We welcome all NDIS clients and their families.

Based on 9 reviews
lisa loader
lisa loader
July 19, 2023
Chowbury music therapy is an amazing experience for my special needs child.He is actually listened to by the therapist and engaged in every decision made during their therapy time. He gets excited about music time and for once during his music therapies he is actually being taught to play the guitar which he loves. I would highly recommend Chowbury music if you want your child to have fun and enjoy their therapy time and actually learn to play an instrument.
Dennis B
Dennis B
July 18, 2023
Hi Im, I'm writing to convey my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the great music therapy sessions you've been providing for my girls. Your remarkable abilities and dedication have had a tremendous impact on their general well-being, for which I am grateful. It was clear from the first session that you have a remarkable ability to connect with children. Your ability to create a pleasant and entertaining environment has won the hearts of my girls. They eagerly await each treatment session, and it warms my heart to see the enthusiasm on their faces as they prepare to connect with you in the realm of music. It amazes me that, of all the therapies my girls attend, music therapy is unquestionably their favourite. You've created an environment in which kids feel safe, comfortable, and free to express themselves via the power of music. Your patience, empathy, and understanding have enabled kids to creatively and nurturingly explore their feelings and obstacles. Thank you, Im, for your outstanding job and for bringing the joy of music into our home.
Jolita Beck
Jolita Beck
March 1, 2023
5 Stars + for sure. Real therapy, not only music, playing an instrument but also providing some very valuable emotional support and advice. Im is great! Relates well to my teenage son. Highly recommend.
Nur Tomal
Nur Tomal
February 14, 2023
It was a great decision for me to consult with Mr. Imtiaz!! He is kind, friendly and good listener!! I am impressed how he addressed my problem and help me to find proper solutions for it. Even as a clossed-off person, it was not difficult to talk to him!! I will recommend him to my friends without any doubt!
Shampa Afroz
Shampa Afroz
October 14, 2022
I am happy that I getting help from Mr. Chowdhury. He is friendly and knowledgeable therapist. He is teaching me some great techniques that are helping me how be focused, to Be in the present moment. spend quality time with my kids and family and moreover how to take care /respect/love of myself!! Thank you 😊
Nahian Muntasir
Nahian Muntasir
October 9, 2022
Professional & high quality service. I am seeing good improvements. Eagerly waiting for the next session.
az dipu
az dipu
October 9, 2022
I came here to improve mental health, anxiety disorder and focus to work. I was curious and wondering what it be like. Then I actually liked the therapist. I feel improved and recommending this online based service. Take a chance. It's free.
Khaled Mosharraf Chowdhury
Khaled Mosharraf Chowdhury
October 9, 2022
Dear Mr. Chowdhury. Your precious time meant alot to me and it helped me calm down. Looking forward to future sessions.
carlin mclellan
carlin mclellan
October 7, 2022
Imtiaz is friendly and professional. He is an excellent communicator and someone that goes above and beyond what is required to help his clients achieve their outcomes.

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