It is pleasure to have onboard Occupational Therapist Deepa Makani.

Deepa is a seasoned occupational therapist, boasting a wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to her practice. Rooted in the public health system, her expertise has been finely tuned over the years, making her a standout professional in her field. Working with diverse age groups, Deepa has left an indelible mark on the lives of many, addressing unique occupational challenges with a compassionate touch. Whether guiding children through essential life skills or supporting adults in regaining autonomy, Deepa’s commitment to holistic health and individual empowerment shines through in every interaction.

In her journey as an occupational therapist, Deepa’s impact extends beyond conventional boundaries. She is not merely a practitioner; she is an advocate for transformative care. Deepa’s tailored interventions and holistic approach make her an invaluable asset in your pursuit of well-being. Experience the difference with Deepa, where personalized care meets unparalleled expertise, paving the way for a meaningful and transformative occupational therapy journey.

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