Torongo TherapyPlus is delighted to welcome Prarthna Agarwal, Art Therapist to the team!

Prarthna is an art psychotherapist, passionate about nurturing one’s well-being and inner strengths through the healing potential of the creative expressive arts.

Prarthna completed her BA in Psychology training in Mumbai, India, and then pursued her MA in Art Therapy from Singapore. After returning to India she joined The Art Therapy Association of India (TATAI) as an Executive Board Member and CAHP India as an Allied and Healthcare Professional. (Council of
Allied and Healthcare Professionals).

During her training in Singapore, she developed a comprehensive understanding
of supporting different populations and communities. She strongly believes in
and engages in the limitless potential of the creative arts while employing
methods like breathwork, energy work, and somatic healing through
strength-based methods. Driven by an unwavering passion for the arts and
mental health, she strives to create nurturing spaces that are inclusive, affirming,
and strength-based while supporting individuals in their journey toward
well-being and personal growth holistically.

Prarthna provides services to Torongo’s clients using its state-of-the-art online platform.

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